Want to help Ukraine online? Join NAFO!

NAFO and the Fellas fundraise for Ukraine's defenders. Fellas all around the world combat disinformation in social media spaces.
NAFO and the Fellas fundraise for Ukraine's defenders. Fellas all around the world combat disinformation in social media spaces.
Source: https://nafo-ofan.org

Who are we?

NAFO is a vibrant and dynamic virtual community of like-minded people engaged in:

  • countering Russian propaganda and disinformation;
  • trolling of Russian officials and official Russian organizations;
  • support of Ukrainian officials and organizations; and
  • fundraising to support Ukraine and its army.

NAFO Asia Pacific is a team that puts Ukraine first. We always prefer teamwork.

We also support each other and take care of our team’s mental health. The values we live by are:

You can find out more on the official NAFO website https://nafo-ofan.org/pages/we-are-nafo.

NAFO Asia Pacific

NAFO Asia Pacific
NAFO Asia Pacific

NAFO Asia-Pacific Regiment was formed in August 2022. It has more than 180 members from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and the Americas, South Africa and Indonesia. The total number of Fellas, the name for members, in the world exceeds 85,000.

In December 2022, the NAFO Asia-Pacific Regiment held a ticket-busting campaign for the three day Russian Film Festival, booking EVERY TICKET. Russian Ambassador Pavlovsky was not laughing at all.

Russian Film Festival

More recently our team booked 400 free and 80p tickets to George Galloway’s No2Nato Conference in London. And there’s our video “George Galloway: Peace Warrior or Russian Shill”.

Government Fellas

Do you know that our ambassador, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, and the Australian ambassador to Ukraine, Bruce Edwards, also support NAFO? Many Ukrainian ministers have their own Fella avatar, including the Minister of Defence Oleksiy Reznikov.

How do we do it?

We are a creative bunch of Fellas.

Our community uses memes as a means of combating Russian propaganda and disinformation. The power of memes is limitless. Nothing spoils the mood of propagandists like thousands of witty comments under their posts, which emphasize the absurdity of disinformation!

Since forming in August 2022 our team has made special purpose videos for Christmas, Lunar New Year and George Galloway.

We’ve also created NAFO themed Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards to send to your favourite Russian.

We also create parody accounts! Just because it’s fun! And because the Russian officials do not like being made the punchline of jokes.

How to join?

How to join?

  1. Create a Twitter account.
  2. Donate to https://ukrainians.org.au/donate/ or any other charity of your choice. You can also buy merch from online stores that send money to Ukraine, for example, https://www.saintjavelin.com/.
  3. To get a Shibu Ina dog avatar as a Fella send a screenshot of your donation and your avatar wishes to https://twitter.com/fellarequests. Each avatar is unique and created by a master especially for you!
  4. Send a screenshot of your donation to NAFO Australia or Chiffa.