Remembering the 15th Anniversary of the War in Georgia

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Remembering the 15th Anniversary of the War in Georgia

Fifteen years ago, on August 7th, Russia launched a full-scale attack on Georgia, unleashing land, air, and sea warfare. Innocent people and brave soldiers lost their lives in the madness that followed. Let us take a moment to remember and pray for those we have lost.


I remember waking up to the gruesome news of Russian bombs raining down on Georgian cities. The footage showed people covered in blood and bodies lying on the streets. My heart ached with rage toward the merciless orcs who murdered my Georgian brothers and sisters. They stood with us on Maidan, and their hearts were with Ukrainians during the hard times, the first years of independence.

A small team of us set up a website quickly to spread the word, support the people of Georgia, and coordinate efforts with local organizations. Although it no longer exists, pieces of the early version have been preserved on the internet and can be found here:

In the first days, we received countless emails from people expressing their feelings and sending words of support. They asked how they could help, how they could volunteer, and offered money, clothing, shelter and food to those displaced by the violence. Many brave souls even sought information on how to join the resistance, ready to take up arms and fight the Russian invaders for the freedom and peace of the proud people of Sakartvelo. Without any hesitation.

We decided to open a section on the website to publish messages of support. Here are just a few examples of what we received. You can find more in mixed languages at this link.

These people offering help and support to Georgians in their time of need are a reminder of the goodness that can be found in humanity.

However, during this time, I also had to say “fuck off” to many people I knew in Russia who suddenly degraded from “friends” to miserable vatnicks. They wished to see the heads of Ukrainians and Georgians on spikes for the glory of their Tsar Putin. Many of them even wrote to us. Here are a few prominent examples, but you can find more in Russian language here:

Has Russian rhetoric changed since 2008? No, it hasn’t. It appears that for the past 15 years, or even longer, the world has been living alongside ideological fascists who are solely interested in their own power and control. They are invited to be members of international organizations, shaking hands, smiling, and taking group photos, all while spreading their venom and hatred.

Less than 14 years later, history repeated itself with the rabid Russian bear invading Ukraine. All those who have fought and continue to fight for the freedom of Ukraine and their countries, especially the Georgian Legion, have a special place in our hearts. Let us honor their courage and sacrifice, and never forget.

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