Update on Recent August Events

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Update on Recent August Events

Ukraine Independence Day

Celebrations took place in all the capital cities throughout Australia. From Ukrainian performances to marches, it was exciting to see many NAFO members join the Ukrainian community in celebrating this significant day. Your commitment to showing up and standing in solidarity with the Ukrainian community was truly inspiring.

It’s worth noting that celebrations like these hold significant meaning for Ukrainians, who wake up every day in a land far away, checking the news to ensure that their friends, family, and loved ones are safe and sound. Your support means the world to them.


We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in the CAT 7 tourniquets fundraiser organized by our own @Teza Bear. Thanks to your generosity and support, we were able to purchase 300 tourniquets and send them to the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations (AFUO) and @Project Konstantin. Your contributions and efforts did not go unnoticed, and we deeply respect and appreciate each and every one of you who donated, helped spread the word, and boosted the fundraiser. Thank you so much!

Source: https://twitter.com/Tezabear69/status/1696073373825335659

Great news! @Teza Bear has established great relationships with the supplier, and is now going to fundraise for smaller batches of tourniquets to be sent to Ukraine on a monthly basis.

Our epic @Miss’ile Kitty successfully closed another fundraiser for the Mavic 3 drone for the 46th Airmobile Brigade.

Source: https://twitter.com/jasmina_fella/status/1693258727007387889

Afterward, she took a quick break to refill her coffee and closed another fundraiser for the 46th Airmobile Brigade. Thanks to the donations, the brigade will soon receive a new and shiny medevac complete with leather seats, onboard entertainment, and a mini bar. Why not provide these awesome warriors with some extra comfort and luxury when there is an opportunity to help them? It’s amazing to see such generosity towards these brave warriors.

Source: https://twitter.com/jasmina_fella/status/1696490954331410860

Wow, can you believe it? @Miss’ile Kitty pulled off not one, not two, but three strikes in a row! Absolutely unbelievable! With the help of our good friends @Trinzu and @ErkoLaidinen1, she organized another medevac for the Azov 3rd Separate Assault Brigade! I mean, what will she do next? Maybe acquire F-16s, ATACMS, or even the Death Star from Star Wars?! Who knows, but she’s definitely the one who can do it!

Source: https://twitter.com/jasmina_fella/status/1696490954331410860

Ongoing Fundraising Drives

You can always view the list of fundraisers run by the local NAFO APAC and others at https://nafo.ukrainians.org.au/donate/. Please bookmark this page for future reference. For your convenience, here is a list:

Ukraine Independence or Prygozhin Death Day?

Our favourite Fatnik Assange, who is hiding in the russian consulate, published a video showing people decorating the consulate of Mordor with blue and yellow balloons and leaving uplifting messages on the walls. Because, you know, the residents of Fullerton Street need a break from the ugliness of that building at least once a year. And what better reason to do it than Ukraine Independence Day? How thoughtful of our dear fellas!

Well, isn’t that just hilarious? In the video, this guy, living among grumpy russians, sniffing each other farts, on a piece of land occupied by the terrorist Russia in the middle of Australia, mixed-up Ukraine’s Independence Day with attempts to make fun of Prygozhin’s death!

Oh, Simeon, your ushanka must be too tight, because it’s clearly cutting off the blood flow to the part of your rudimental brain responsible for basic human decency and common sense. There are plenty of other reasons to drink vodka on special occasions besides Prygozhin’s death, Lenin’s death, upcoming Putin’s death, or the day of the russian Aquafresh-colored cloth on a stick.

All jokes aside, let’s hope Simeon loosens up that ushanka a bit and learns the true value of respecting other cultures and traditions.

We have a very exclusive message from Prygozhin, straight from the boiler room of hell, specially for him.

Don’t worry, Simeon! NAFO is one step ahead! We are famous for locating missing vatniks, russian warlords, ships, and anything else that goes missing!!


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