General Budanov

Our Patron

On NAFO Asia Pacific Regiment’s one year anniversary in August 2023  we announced the appointment of our “unofficial” Honorary Patron: General Kyrylo Budanov To commemorate this occasion, our own amazing and talented @gardenGnomen prepared a special Fella in the style of Sir Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster.


There are so many things to love about this picture. The blue and yellows of the Ukrainian fields and flag. The Ukrainian trident, the tryzub, behind him with the heads of Shoigu, Putin and Medvedev on the trident’s spikes. Not to mention on his rights breast, the NAFO Asia Pacific logo

Our choice of the Elizabethan style was a deliberate one.  Walsingham and Budanov have much in common.

  • fought for smaller countries that were out numbered;
  • defending their own land;
  • nation contained many spies/sympathisers;
  • were very creative in their problem solving;
  • operated from the shadows; but most importantly
  • outlived their enemies.

Our team’s motto “Semper Enim Ucraina” is Latin for Always for Ukraine.  No ifs. No buts. There till the end.

Christmas Fundraiser

This Christmas, Ukraine needs our help more than ever.

Whilst in Budanov we trust, he cannot do it all alone. Ukrainian charities need our donations.

NAFO Asia Pacific Regiment asks that you donate to one of the charities.

To encourage you to do so our favourite Forger, @gardenGnomen has created 24 wonderful Budanov memes. Once you have donated please download and utilise on your favourite Ivan.

We look forward to your support.